Imagine if the intense energy of Tool, the melodic sensibility of A Perfect Circle, and the industrial edge of Nine Inch Nails converged into a single entity. That’s the essence of Choir of Babble, a band that combines catchy melodies with wild energy to make music that’s both pleasing to the ear and exciting to listen to.

Known for their eruptive stage performances, Choir of Babble doesn’t rely on pyrotechnics to command attention. Instead they hook audiences with their electrifying stage presence and musical mastery. Their performances are a harmonious blend of intricate guitar riffs, complex rhythms, and ethereal lyrics, that enchant and enthral.

Fronted by Brent Thomason, Choir of Babble originated in Macon, Georgia, alongside bassist Johnny Davis and drummer Travis Reeves. Together, they’ve forged a sound that defies easy categorization, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences while maintaining an identity all their own.

Their self titled 2016 EP was an amuse-bouche four track delicacy before their 2018 debut album The Weight of Faith arrived with twelve mouth watering tracks. Tracks like “Not In My Kingdom You Don’t” showcased their ability to blend melodic hooks with driving rhythms and sophomore album Porno di Plastilina released in 2023 shows the continued growth of the band’s talent and sound. 

In the nine tracks of Porno di Plastilina, the band excels in creating a gritty and spunky mood that feels like bright goth. Dark in mood, bright in sound. This juxtaposition of darkness and brightness infuses the album with a unique energy that keeps audiences from settling into a comfort zone.

With their distinctive and electrifying sound, Choir of Babble continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, carving out their own path in the world of rock music. -Amplify The Noise


Choir Of Babble EP~ 2016

The Weight to Faith~ 2018

Porno di Plastilina~ 2023